Staffing solutions for the swine industry


After years of working in the swine industry we realized that in a world that is evolving with new technologies, agriculture is in a crossroad trying to compete with other industries to attract younger generations and at the same time trying to keep a low production cost to remain competitive. This can be not only an overwhelming task for any HR department but it is specially hard for family farms and small producers that don’t have the resources, connections or the time. That is why outsourcing is becoming the new name of the game in every industry. With that in mind in 2014 we decided to create Swineworks with the mission to help pork producers regardless of their size to find and develop lifelong relationship with quality workers all around the world. And let producers and HR departments focus on what they do best. ¡Nourish the world!


Building a successfull team requires quality people and outsourcing means businesses can tap into a greater talent pool than ever before. We have developed relations and partnerships with the best professional associations and colleges in México that allow us to have access to a larger pool and better qualified candidates.


We are a disruptor in the industry with our unique Business Model that  allow us to provide a complete range of services with no up front fees,  no long term contracts, and a flat fee per candidate.


Provide lifelong relationships based on respect, trust and loyalty with each of our collaborators.


Provide value-based human resource solutions to organizations by connecting our customers with high quality candidates from around the globe.



The Best People

Client Value Creation

One Global Network

Respect for the Individual


swineworks, leading providers in the industry

We have streamlining the recruiting and immigration process by outsourcing, simplifying and eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, waiting times and paperwork allowing us to place candidates in no time and at a fraction of the cost. 

We are not just a recruiting agency

What make us different from other agencies, is that we offer staffing solutions that help you not only placing the right candidate but to keep it and create a long and lasting work relationship.